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Character Demo

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Audiobook Narration Demo


This is among my favorite projects, a demo remix that I did with one of my Sound Design students at Vancouver Film School. It's a promo for the DOTA 2 video game with all-original audio and sound design, featuring me as the Fez adorned narrator. (The background voices are other performers). (2:00)

This clip from the video game Rise of Legends was also remixed with my voice by a student of mine at VFS. I am performing all of the character voices and vocalized sounds, incuding the narrator, the gladiator-like hero, and the evil genie. (0:55)

In these animated scenes from Episode 1 of the web series Kingdoms of Grace, I play Cardinal Hernandez (in the black robes). He looks eerily like me because this series was shot in a unique style that intermixed live action with animated scenes, so my animated avatar was actually drawn to be me. It was one of my earliest professional appearances, and still one of my favorites. (1:20)

Another demo remix from VFS, I am the Frenchman in this animated short. I had so much fun voicing this character! It's a longer piece, and quite entertaining. (4:38)

This is a condensed sampling of three characters that I played in this animated short. (0:56)

In this short animation I am a caveman in the midst of a domestic quarrel. The piece is entirely non-verbal and yet conveys a broad emotional range. (1:48)

In this untitled animated short I am performing the voice of a superhero whose shower is interrupted by a young boy's backfiring scooter, which he mistakes for gunshots ... and that's when the fun begins! (0:37)

You can find more of my work at my YouTube Channel.